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Why You Should Get Involved College Activities

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Your time in college is the best experience you will ever have in your life as a  student. The fact that you get to plan for your day and choose what to do and what not to do is amazing. Some people choose to spend most if not all of their time in the labs, classes, and libraries reading. I will not discourage you against this since it is the reason why you are in school. However, there is more to student life than just spending time on books 24/7. One of the things you can do besides reading is joining clubs and participating in social activities. Have a look at the reasons why this is important.

  1. Community building

The memories and friends you make in campus are for a lifetime, and therefore, if you need memories and some friends who will remind you of the days when you were in college, social events and clubs are the answers. Your involvement will also rebuild the sense of community, and you will feel at home.

  1. Improves the value of your resume

Those who have been to interviews know that academic excellence is not the only thing that is considered. To say the least, experience and involvement often get more weight. Getting involved in clubs, planning social events and other similar activities will warrant you a bonus and will guarantee you an advantage over those who only have their papers to show what they can do.

  1. Help you meet people

When someone talks of meeting people, what most individuals think of is the social meeting where people come together and have fun, play games and drink. Well, this is not a bad thing, but if you see that as a waste of time, there are other things you can do in events and clubs like exchange ideas, form significant groups, get connections, and of course, meet a life partner.

  1. Refreshes the mind

“Work without play…” is an adage that has been used for a long time and still applies. Too much reading causes a jam in your mind, and it may be a waste of time trying to read since you will not be able to understand. In as much as learning should be your number one priority and most of your time should be directed towards it, it is essential that you set aside some time to refresh your mind and let what you have learned sink.

  1. Helps in social growth and development

Development of social life has often been ignored and seen as a waste of time. This should not be the case. Social life is as important as any other thing other life. Knowing how to relate to people is a significant factor which is most of the time considered by employers. As you develop your academic life, you should also grow your relationship with people around you and who affect your life in one way or the other.

  1. It is fun

A little fun is good for your health, and that is precisely what you will get from joining clubs and participating in events.


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