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Worldwide Effect the Coronavirus is Having on Students

The closure of schools and the cancellation of exams in all parts of the world is causing students and parents great concern. The exams have been canceled due to the spread of the pandemic Coronavirus (Covid-19) and the resulting restrictions and lockdown of populations worldwide. Exams have been canceled all …

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Career Planning

Career planning means you self- evaluate and plan to ensure you have a strong career. This planning process has to be continuous and reiterative to understand oneself, revise on your skills and set suitable career goals. Career planning should start as early as you join college, hence you will pick …

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Maintaining A Healthy And Fun College Lifestyle

Starting college is one big milestone in your life. In college, you get to do plenty of growing up considering you live your life as you would wish. Fun in college needs to be sort after as it will not happen by itself. This tips will guide you on how …

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