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The Mind-Blowing Story of Mindvalley’s Growth

Every startup around the world dreams of growing at a phenomenal rate but very few actually achieve the same. Mindvalley is one such startup that has been witnessing a dream run over the past four years. Personal growth education offered Mindvalley is availed by over 12 million students who are …

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Affordable Summer Fashion for Students

Students often feel the price pinch when they decide to up their fashion quotient before welcoming summer in style. Breaking the bank isn’t an option, especially when you still have to ask your parent for managing your expenses. However, your longing to step out in style this summer can be …

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Best Online Student Fashion Retailers of 2020

Students dread being caught wearing clothes that are not in vogue and this is why they give high priority to the latest fashion trends. Online fashion retailers offer attractive discounts keeping in mind that students rarely have deeper pockets. Shopping for clothes is always exciting, especially when you’re looking to …

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The Best Fashionable Student Face Mask

Fashion brands across the globe have done really well in handling the Covid-19 crisis because a major chunk of their haven’t had any sales over the past couple of months. However, they have upped their games by venturing into designing facemasks for fashion lovers. Pivoting to face mask designing has …

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Career Planning

Career planning means you self- evaluate and plan to ensure you have a strong career. This planning process has to be continuous and reiterative to understand oneself, revise on your skills and set suitable career goals. Career planning should start as early as you join college, hence you will pick …

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