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5 Best Cities to Be a Student In

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Studying in a foreign land can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. There are many prestigious universities and colleges you can study in different cities around the world. Life is different in different cities.

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Student life in a foreign city can be difficult depending on personal circumstances. One of the biggest challenges is finances. It is quite expensive to live in big cities. Many students will want to know the cost of living in a particular city before moving there. Other considerations include the culture, weather, and attractions. Below are 5 cities around the world that are incredible to study in.


This Canadian city might not have universities as prestigious as those in Paris of London, but it has been highly rated by students. Living in Montreal is a bit cheaper as compared to other major cities. Many students fell in love with the nightlife in Montreal and were impressed by the friendliness of the city.


Paris might not feature as a pocket-friendly city to study in, but studying there is a great career move. Academic credentials obtained from Universities in Paris are held in high regard around the world. You need to ensure you have your finances intact before you decide to go there.


London is more like Paris. The cost of living in London is exorbitant. You need to have your pockets well-loaded before deciding to study and stay there. The universities in London are very prestigious though. Getting a degree there is something any student would not pass. About 41% of the students studying in London are foreign.


Boston features in the list thanks to MIT and Harvard. These are some of the most prestigious universities in the world. Studying in Boston is no cheap affair though. College fees in the US are generally high and are even higher in Boston universities.


Berlin is arguably the cheapest city to study in. Public Universities in Berlin are not as expensive as others around the world. They are actually free for the German citizens. The cost of living in Berlin is quite low as well.

Although some of these cities are quite expensive to study and live in, they will offer you an incredible experience if you can afford it. Cities like Montreal and Berlin offer a great balance between the costs of studying and a great experience.

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