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Handling Politics On Campus

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Members of black student protest group Concerned Student 1950 hold hands following the announcement that University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe would resign Monday, Nov. 9, 2015, at the university in Columbia, Mo. Wolfe resigned Monday with the football team and others on campus in open revolt over his handling of racial tensions at the school. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

College is usually a whole new place with its overwhelming freedom. This can generally throw you off the balance in case you are not prepared, or if you are not a quick at adopting. However, there is an even more sensitive topic that will leave you trying to decide which stand to take. Do I get involved? On which side should I get involved? And, how much should I get involved? These are questions that will run through your mind whenever politics pop up.

With time, campus politics have developed into a more advanced game, and it is becoming as complicated as the outside politics, and therefore, deciding whether or not to get involved has also become tricky. An even worse situation is deciding how to react to political comments or arguments. Here are a few guidelines that will help you handle political situations.

  1. Do not get involved in unnecessary arguments

While a few political people usually ask for reactions and genuinely appreciate your opinion, most of them are usually bent on twisting every little thing you say and try to force you into supporting what they believe should be. It is futile trying to argue with such people, and for this reason, it is better you leave them to their set of mind and do not try defending your opinion because it will not make a difference.

  • Only get into a political argument if  you’re well-prepared

Everyone has a point of view, and it kills not having a chance to defend it. Because of this, you can always be tempted to get involved in an argument however stupid it is. One thing you should ensure before getting into such arguments is that you have the facts and you can defend them perfectly. Otherwise you will be eaten alive.

  • Know when to get out of an argument

Like any other political arguments, campuses’ also do get heated up, and believe it or not, others do end up into fights, both verbal and physical. These are the kind of arguments you need to avoid. However, if you are already in, then you should be able to determine when it is getting out of hand and when you should walk away. Whenever you notice the other person or group getting a little bit too vicious, just swallow your pride, double down and walk away, lest you find yourself in the middle of a fist fight.

  • Be selective of the crowds you join

Typical of campaign periods, there are usually small crowds standing here and there talking about different things. Within these crowds, there are usually people with diverse thoughts. The problem begins when the differently opinionated people start to argue, and it gets all vicious and heated up. These are the kinds of crowds that you need to do yourself a favor and avoid.

Politics can always be fun. However, there are some which are unhealthy, and the best thing you can do is simply avoid them because you can never know what the result will be.

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