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The Mind-Blowing Story of Mindvalley’s Growth

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Every startup around the world dreams of growing at a phenomenal rate but very few actually achieve the same. Mindvalley is one such startup that has been witnessing a dream run over the past four years. Personal growth education offered Mindvalley is availed by over 12 million students who are looking to transform their lives by following revolutionary ideas. Mindvalley is an industry leader that offers incredible wisdom and ideas to create better individuals with heightened consciousness and enhanced connection.

Traditional education system around the world has long ignored wisdom to transform human consciousness, which is precisely what Mindvalley offers. Using Quest, Mindvalley’s learning platform offers an amazing learning platform that produces better results through a heady combination of technology and compelling storytelling. The learning platform is driven by brilliant teachers, community interaction, and learning theory.

The international community of Mindvalley spans across 195 countries across a variety of media channels that engage more than 50,000 students each year. The company aims to touch at least a billion lives by the end of 2038!

Mindvalley has managed to quadruple its revenue over the past 4 years and is well-set to disrupting the wellness industry. The company has developed some amazing products, programs, and partnerships. Recently it has even launched its latest learning platform Mindvalley for Business. It’s an employee mentoring platform, which delivers tools and training for workers involved in their regular grinds at offices around the world. The courses are aimed at lowering stress, providing motivation, and a vision to carry on with enthusiasm. Leading employers across the world such as Deloitte, Cisco, Duracell, Exxon Mobil, and PwC have signed up their employees for various online classes.

Mindvalley‘s transformational programs have had an immense impact on people from different walks of life. The subscription format offered by Quest is slowly turning out to be the standard for online education as the completion rates are much higher than their other online counterparts. The popularity of this platform is being driven by interactive classes that deal deeper into important aspects of our life such as biohacking, diet, health, improving relationships, enhancing intuition, sleep, and even life purpose.

Mindvalley Founder and CEO Vishen Lakhiani started the company with the sole aim of changing lives and help individuals experience transformation beyond their expectations. As a natural progression, the company has moved into exploring workplace wellness because people spend a major part of their lives at their offices. Often people have reported workplace stress and even mental illness that lead to lower productivity, absenteeism, procrastination, and even mental breakdowns.

Mindvalley has proven to be a boon for people looking to enhance their lives through the use of ancient wisdom. People can access the classes even on channels like YouTube and Facebook and can avail of some free courses as well. It’s not surprising to see that millions of people across the world are subscribing to their courses and experiencing a sea change in their thinking.  Mindvalley has had such an impact on individuals that they have even changed the way they conduct themselves in their public and private lives.

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