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Things to Do While in College

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High school can be fun but there are usually many rules, and therefore you cannot enjoy yourself to the maximum and do some crazy stuff. College, on the other hand, is both fun, and the freedom is always there. This means no curfew, more parties, more concerts and so on. You get to choose what you do and how you do it. Here are some things you cannot afford to miss when in college.

  1. Attending theme parties

Almost all parties thrown in college are usually themed, and this only means that your closet has to consist of at least three different party costumes if you plan on being in any of them. These parties are usually fun, with many people to socialize with and many fun and crazy games to play. Missing at least one of this in even a semester should be a wake-up call to readjust your social life.

  1. The drama of Dorm Living

College rooms are usually not very big, yet they are always so much fun. It is said that most lifetime friends are those who you make in college; well, that friendship always starts by sharing dorm rooms. At first, you might be scared with the thought of sharing a small room with strangers and might think of getting your room off campus. I cannot say anything against that, but if you are looking for fun and close friendship, the dorm room is the first place to start.

  1. Crazy Campus Traditions

Some traditions always seem weird to people who are not part of the group. But, these traditions are usually highly valued by those to whom they belong. Each campus usually has its traditions and taking part in one or two of them should be something you should take pride in.

  1. Hussling

Hussling in its literal meaning brings out the sense of struggling. However, when you’re doing it together with your peers and not because you can’t pay your fee but because you want financial independence, it can be enjoyable. Taking part in surveys, taking up short period jobs and selling stuff online are some of the hassles you can engage in.

    5. Treat Yourself. Shop Online

If the stress of college and class is getting to you why not do a little shopping for yourself, or better yet randomly get someone you care about an amazing customized gift, check out Zazzle for some great ideas at prices any student can afford:

  1. This is usually more fun when it is on weekends, and you just dress up, put all sorts of makeup on and enjoy the night with your friends as you end a tiresome week.Dressing up with friends and going out
  1. Attend frat parties

These are usually the hardest to miss and often very much fun. Being in college and leaving without attending at least one of these every year is a disservice to your social life.

8. Attending a class, you’re not taking

Some lecturers can be very boring, and you dread attending their classes. However, some are very fun and ones in a while you sneak into their classes and just sit to listen to them, even if you are not taking the course. While this was not possible in high school, it is way easy on the campus.



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