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Career planning means you self- evaluate and plan to ensure you have a strong career. This planning process has to be continuous and reiterative to understand oneself, revise on your skills and set suitable career goals. Career planning should start as early as you join college, hence you will pick classes and skills that will guide you all through. Career planning involves certain steps such as;

Exploring your Career Options

There are assessment tools you can use based on what sparks your career interest. Through this assessment, you are made more aware of the career possibilities that you can exploit. There are various job position titles in different careers, other than learning about them you can also discover personal attributes, educational requirements and skills needed to prosper in different fields.

Field research 

As someone looking to have an aspiring career, field research is a requirement. You do this by meeting people in different career fields then decide on what suits you. During the research, you also network with people on a professional level.

Set Job Target

After carefully exploring your career options and doing extensive research, now set your goals and make decisions regarding the same. This target should specify your desired industry and position you wish then work towards it. Targets do change as you gain more knowledge and experience.

Build Your Resume and Credentials.

This is not a one-time process it takes years to build on this. Building on your resume and credentials will land you better offers and plenty of interviews. The most effective way of building on your knowledge is by doing more internships that are related to whatever job target you desire. Attends as many seminars as you can, read more magazines, journals and books that are related to your career target. Attend professional clubs that involve your job target.

Prepare for Actual Job Search.

At this stage research for organizations and companies that you desire to work with. Asking whether your mentors, friends or family have leads in the career center you desire is a good start. Learn and develop skills in writing calling scripts and approaching potential employers. Keep a search binder displaying all your information, this will help you stay organized and help you keep track of all your job search activities. Educate yourself on interview skills and how to negotiate for a good salary before meeting a potential employer.

Launching Job Search

This is the final step. Here all your steps are carefully calculated and you have only one aim, to land on that targeted job. Here your resume should be clear on your target skills, that way your target employer will easily identify your importance to the desired organization. Make time to write cover and thank you letters as well as making relevant calls to your employer. You should be able to attend as many interviews as you can and do proper research before those interviews. Be creative enough in all your approach as it will help you stand out.

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