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Planning and Preparing for Future Career Workshop

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People make preparations when transitioning from employment to retirement. Similarly, kids should also prepare themselves for transitioning from high school, going to college or when taking a career right after.

And this is what the Indiana Youth Institute (IYI) is trying to accomplish. Later this month, they will be holding a workshop together with the Regional Education Services Center with the aim to help families empower the graduating high school students, so that they are geared for success as they are preparing to enter college or are already set to start on a career.

In a statement released by the IYI last month, the institution mentioned that parents play an important role in child development as well as to the success of their kids. However, they reiterated that while this may be so, studies indicate that parental involvement has dramatically decreased over time.

Because of this observation, the Indiana Youth Institute has decided to host a statewide training session for the educators along with the youth workers, with the intention to build relationship with parents, so that the younger people on the other hand will be given a successful transition from high school right into college or a career path.

According to media relations manager for IYI Leslie Wells, parental engagement will always be instrumental in a child’s decision making. Whether this may involve dealing with struggles in school, the need for a boost, or making poor decisions, Wells says that parents can influence their children in whatever circumstance that they are going through. She also adds that while this may be so, some of the educators or adults who work with children say that they have problems keeping the parents involved.

The workshop which will take place on May 11th from 9AM to noon at the Roberts Park will be hosted by the John H. Miller Community Center. This will be led by Rachel González who is the director of school partnerships for the Families in Schools in California. She will be using the nationally recognized family engagement training programs of the organization.

Those who are interested can register through IYI’s website at www.iyi.org/cctraining. Registration cost is $20 and cutoff will be on May 9th.

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