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What Is The Difference Between Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts

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Joining a college usually comes with a lot of requirements; some enjoyable while others a little demanding. The major part that takes a lot of focus is the academics, and precisely the course in which you are to major. It is through this that the big question pops up; Are you a Bachelor of Science student? Or are you a Bachelor of Arts student?

You may assume this question to be a simple one, but giving it a precise answer can become tricky. However, just like you have always been told, your career should be something you enjoy, the same applies here. If it the sciences you enjoy, then go for it, however, if art is what makes you tick then do not go for any other thing. Now, briefly let us look at the differences between the two

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science program is usual specific in particular areas. They are practical and analytical, and students are required to explore the main significant subject matter extensively. Learners get to explore the actual experiences and exercises of their field and even apply them to real life. B.S is also very specific, and students hardly focus on the subjects related to their area of study. Some of the most common degrees that fall under B.S are Nursing, Medicine, Pharmacy, Engineering, Computer Science, Biochemistry, among others.

However, the Bachelor of Science is now also done in some business degrees, for instance, Bachelor of Science in Project Management. When this business degree is compared to its counterpart which is Bachelor of Art in Project Management, it appears to be more technical and practical.

Bachelor of Arts

While B.S focuses on specific subject matter without exploring the related subjects, B.A is more expansive, and students get to go even beyond their major fields into the related subjects. Due to its expansiveness, B.A sets the learners on an array of career tracks. But, some degrees are doable as either a Bachelor of Science or as a Bachelor of Art, for example, Psychology can be done both as a science and as an art. If you like the analytical part of psychology where you get to perform experiments and research, then you should go for the Bachelor of Science. However, you should choose the B.A if you are more interested in the social part like guidance and counseling. Some of the common Bachelor of Arts degrees are Law, Languages, Literature, History, Business Administration, Philosophy among others.

Neither B.S nor B.A is better than the other. They are both treated in equal measures, and all that matters is where your interest lies.

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