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Financial Aid

Obtaining Financial Aid

Financial aid is very important for students who are unable to raise money for college studies. These aids include grants, scholarships, loans and work-study. To get the financial aid you have to completely answer FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student aid). This application covers different types of aid. If you …

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Repaying Your Student Loan

There is nothing as disturbing as an unsettled student loan. For this reason, most students get scared and opt for other more difficult ways to pay their school fees. However, the student loan stops being a burden when you have the perfect plan on how to repay it. Listed below …

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How To Make Extra Money While in College

College life can sometimes be hard especially to those with a limited source of income. Besides the issue with limited income, there is always need to be financially independent. It is for this reason that you should have something to do to help you earn extra money. Below are some …

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4 Tips for Saving Money as A Student

Being a full-time student means you do not have time to work and make money. Your finances will, therefore, be limited. Many people struggle with living costs while they are full-time students. At such a time, you need to ensure you save each dime that you can. Even if you …

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Harvard University Backtracks On Social Club Ban

After being criticized by some of their faculty members, students, and alumni for their exclusive and single-gender social club ban, Harvard University’s committee responsible for it backpedaled on the policy. Instead, they offered different options to address the issues and the effects of having unlisted single-gender social clubs on the …

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Dealing With College Debt

Most of graduating students are in astronomical debts after graduating due to educational loans and this is a fact. Statistically, surveys show that they are in minimum debt of $35,000 after they graduate, which a great burden to carry. The question still remains, is the price they have to pay …

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Stanford University Offers Scholarship to Support Midwest

One of the country’s most prestigious universities is doing its part in helping to improve the economic development of America’s heartland.  , Stanford University has finally announced last Wednesday the three student winners of the first ever Stanford USA MBA Scholarship Program. A standard scholarship that is aiming to help …

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Financial Aid: The Answer to Getting Into College?

Financial Aid The Answer to Getting Into College

The moment has arrived. Students are already done cramming for their SAT exam. It was months ago that admission application essays and financial aid forms were submitted. Now, the joyful acceptance and painful rejection from universities and colleges are in hand. For the past days, the likes of Fernanda Soto …

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