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Stanford University Offers Scholarship to Support Midwest

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One of the country’s most prestigious universities is doing its part in helping to improve the economic development of America’s heartland.  , Stanford University has finally announced last Wednesday the three student winners of the first ever Stanford USA MBA Scholarship Program. A standard scholarship that is aiming to help the business scene in the Midwest thrives even more.

A couple of days ago, the Ivy League member announced the winners of their first ever MBA scholarship program worth $160,000 dollars. The thing is, not everyone was able to join because the university established a series of requirements for anyone who wants to apply for a program. First, the applicant must be currently living or connected to any of the Midwest cities that Stanford has listed. Some of the said cities are Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Missouri and Indiana. Stanford stated that for an individual to be considered as ‘connected’ to any of the states, he or she must have lived there for at least three years. Or if that’s not applicable, the candidate must also be a graduate of any high school present in those areas.

The scholarship program states that once the student graduates, he or she must return to the Midwest. Aside from that, the grantee must also work or play a professional role that will contribute to the economic development of the Midwest.  In a statement released by the program’s administrators, they acknowledged the Midwest’s important role in nourishing the global economic growth. And because of that, Stanford is encouraging its students and alumni to pursue careers in the region to further improve its economic development. The winners of the first Stanford USA MBA Fellowship program are Adam Verhasselt, Taylor Seabaugh, and Amanda Donohue-Hansen. This similar scholarship program yielded successful results after previously implemented in Africa and India.


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