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48 Students from The US Get Scholarships to Study in the UK

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The UK is one of the most desired study destinations in the world. The 2019 Marshall Scholarship has picked out 48 students that it will sponsor to study in the UK. The Marshall Scholarship program has been going on for 65 years. The 48 students will be the largest group it has sponsored in its 65 years of existence.

The Scholarships are usually funded by the U.K government. Beneficiaries of the scholarship come from all corners of the United States. The 2019 group of sponsored students will feature more women than any other previous group.

The young and intellectually distinguished American students will study in any U.K institution for three years. The Scholarship has sponsored prominent persons before, such as 2008 Nobel Prize winner Roger Tsien, and Supreme Court Judges Neil Gorsuch and Stephen Breyer.

Five of the students selected are currently studying in MIT. They will begin their graduate studies in an institution of their choice in the UK. The five are the largest group of Marshall scholars to come from a single institution in one year.

Two seniors from Stanford are also among the group that will be heading to the UK next year. The scholars can now graduate in any field of their choice in the UK.

The process of choosing scholars for the program is rigorous and competitive. It accesses academic merit, ambassadorial potential and leadership skills.

The Scholarship joined the conversation about empowering American Women. That’s why a better part of next year’s contingent of beneficiaries will be women. Education is one of the most effective ways of empowering young women.

The Scholarship started in 1953 after the UK felt the need to show gratitude to the US for its assistance after World War II. Through the Marshall Plan, USA aided Europe’s economic recovery after the devastation left behind by World War II. The Marshall plan program ran between 1948 and 1951.

The scholarship aims at maintaining and strengthening the good relations between British and American citizens, governments, institutions and organizations. Army General George Marshall was the founder of the Marshall plan, and the scholarship is named Marshall in his honor.

The scholars will get a rare opportunity to develop themselves intellectually, as well as personally. Studying abroad in a top institution is always a chance to see the world in a different light, and broaden your mindset.

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