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College News 101

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Every college has its set methods of communicating to all students, lecturers, staffs and the outside community. All the information communicated should be up to date and precise. The latest information in colleges has to be approved by the relevant authorities before being passed out to the public. Information communicated around the college is mostly general information, such as promotion of school events, school policies, education and leadership improvement ideas, community outreach and school levy

There are various ways in which you can communicate information to people on campuses and make sure it reaches all of them. Latest news in a college should be clear, students should get what the main agenda is from the beginning. There are proper channels that are utilized in a college setup.

School and district website

The college has its service portal where the school website is hosted. Over the years, websites have drastically changed both in how the website is set up, the look and ease of accessibility. A good college website is accessed via a mobile phone and is linked to all social media platforms.

Mobile App

Mobile applications have become the most popular method that most colleges prefer to communicate. The app allows you to access information such as lunch menus, news, directories, calendars and other alerts. Push notifications are among the reasons why a mobile app is important in a school set up. Segmenting your notifications will make it easier to reach your desired audience.

Alerts and Notification

This is important especially when critical information needs to be communicated fast. A notification system should support the use of email, voice messages and SMS. One thing to note is that schools need sensitivity when suing such channels to communicate, this way you will not cause unnecessary panic to both parents and students.


Sending and receiving emails is an old method that still proves to be very relevant in the communication field. It is a one on one form of communication hence good for personal information. Emails will communicate school announcements, newsletters, registrations, school policies and important reminders. Information on the school website can be easily linked to an email. Using email as a form of communication is something everyone in a college setup should master.

Social media.

Social media has brought a whole change when it comes to organizations and businesses sharing information. Social media platforms need to be prioritized before other methods of communication. Different social media platforms have different rules when it comes to the type of information that can be shared. YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are the major social media platforms used.


Through blogs, both the school community and parents are engaged. Blogs are mostly superintendents meaning they are used to enforce the school brand, increase social ties and depict the school’s leadership to the public. If the blog is well promoted it will deliver the desired message to your district. A blog should be properly promoted in other social media platforms related to the school. Methods used to pass across the latest information should also be promoted on non-digital platforms.

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