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Foreign Students Enrollment at USA Colleges Has Reduced During Trump’s Administration

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The influx of foreign students into USA colleges and universities have reduced for send year in a row. College administrations have blamed it on Trump’s immigration policies. The U.S is one of the world’s top destinations for international students.

Since Trump took reigns and started enforcing his immigration rhetoric, the number of foreign students enrolling in American higher learning institutions has been reducing. The number reduced by 7% in 2017 compared to 2016.

The Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange is an annual survey by the Institute of International Education. The 2018 edition of the report revealed that the numbers of international students was dwindling, but brushed off the possibility of politics being the cause.

The report suggested the reducing numbers were as a result of competition from universities from other countries and the high costs of education in the US.

Allan Goodman, the president of the IIE said that foreign student has more choices now, than before. He implied that higher-education institutions in other countries were putting on measures to ensure more foreign students choose them over American institutions.

Trump’s Administration to Blame

American higher learning institutions have declined to buy the report’s claims though. They believe the blame squarely lies on Trump. Universities in other countries have reported gains over the same period. China, Canada, New Zealand, Japan and Spain have all had rising numbers of foreign students over the past two years.

The CEO of Australia’s International Education Association, Phil Honeywood said that they were not worried about competition from America, as President Trump actions were working better in keeping foreign students away from American institutions than any of their efforts could.

Reducing foreign student enrollment poses a risk to the US economy. According to a report by Association of Internal Educators, International students in U.S higher learning institutions brought in $39 billion and enabled 455,622 jobs in the 2017-2018 school year.

Student and scholars are being scared away from American institutions by Trump’s unwelcoming rhetoric. That could hurt the American economy and the education sector in particular. America’s high education costs have not done as much damage as Trump’s immigration policies have.

Trump’s administration has gone as far as discussing banning student visas from citizens from particular countries. Trump’s administration’s actions make it difficult to not blame them for the reducing numbers of foreign students.

The New York University, Northeastern University of Boston, and the University of Southern California have been the institutions with the highest number of foreign students. New enrollments have reduced in all these institutions in the past two years.


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