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Repaying Your Student Loan

There is nothing as disturbing as an unsettled student loan. For this reason, most students get scared and opt for other more difficult ways to pay their school fees. However, the student loan stops being a burden when you have the perfect plan on how to repay it. Listed below …

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Steps for Writing a Scholarship-Winning Essay

Trying to prove to a committee that you are the best person to fund can sometimes be hard. Picture yourself in this situation; you have been looking for an organization to finance your education, and you finally get one. Then its time to write a proposal that will win them …

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Scholarships to apply for in 2018/2019 in the USA

Many students fail to pursue their dream courses because of financial reasons. For this case, the government and some private companies always give out scholarships to such students to pursue their dream courses. Here are some of the scholarships offered in for the year 2019/2020. Harambee Entrepreneur Alliance 2019/2020 for …

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