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Scholarships to apply for in 2018/2019 in the USA

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Many students fail to pursue their dream courses because of financial reasons. For this case, the government and some private companies always give out scholarships to such students to pursue their dream courses. Here are some of the scholarships offered in for the year 2019/2020.

  1. Harambee Entrepreneur Alliance 2019/2020 for African Students

As the name says, this scholarship is meant for African students who wish to further their studies in major universities in African, North America, Asia, and Europe. It is usually offered annually, and there are a few qualifications that the applicant has to meet. The applicant must be born in Africa and be a current citizen and resident of any of the countries. He/she must also have entrepreneurial skills and have at least a two-year work experience on the respective field.

  1. University of Washington 2019 Barer Institute Law Fellowship for Developing Countries

This program sponsors students who qualify and have an interest in law. The student should also be committed to making a change in their country. They usually offer 3 to 4 scholarships every year, depending on the number of qualified candidates and the studies take place in the US. This scholarship has a lot of qualifications to be met, and some of them include, first degree level in law, evidence of leadership skills, an excellent study proposal, need for legal infrastructure in the applicant’s country among others.

  1. Oregon State University Scholarships

OSU aims at improving the level of cultural awareness throughout Oregon through institutions. Applicants, therefore, in exchange for the scholarship, need to help spread this awareness to the surrounding community and universities. They are to work through the International Cultural Service Program, by demonstrating their cultural activities and speaking of their traditions. The qualifications include, need for financial support, must not be from the USA and they must be fully admitted in Oregon University.

  1. Future Global Leaders Scholarships

This scholarship is usually awarded to students from all over the world who are not financially capable. They go through a three-year program after which they are induced into Fortis Society, which is a private world’s leaders society committed to transforming the world to a better place. Qualified applicants can be from all over the world and must be enrolled, first-year students. They should also have evidence of leadership skills, should have excellent academic records and must be the first person with undergoing higher education in the history of their family

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