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Steps for Writing a Scholarship-Winning Essay

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Trying to prove to a committee that you are the best person to fund can sometimes be hard. Picture yourself in this situation; you have been looking for an organization to finance your education, and you finally get one. Then its time to write a proposal that will win them over, and suddenly you forget all the English you’ve learned over the years. This happens; the desire to please the committee so much can be overwhelming.  However, you can overcome this by following the steps below

  1. Go through and understand the essay prompt

Most of the organizations giving out the scholarship will give you a topic to write on or a question to answer. Do not take the question literally and assume they want to know how good you are at writing. In as much as they want to see if you can express yourself well in writing, they are also after knowing who you are and if you deserve the help, they are offering.

  1. List down important points

After understanding what is needed of you in the prompt, look for important points that you should include in the essay. Make a list of all the important experiences you have had and which will prove to the committee that you are the ideal person. You should also do some research on the organization and draw key points from its mission statement and operations.

  1. Make a draft

Now, with all the important points, make a rough copy of the essay. Include all the significant points you had written down. You can use headings and subheadings. Please include everything you deem important in the draft.

  1. Write a thesis statement

Most people usually choose which essays to read by first going through the thesis. This is a short but strong summary of all your points. It needs to be eye-catching and should tell it all in a few words.

  1. Revise and edit

Now you have your thesis statement and all your important points. It is time to do some revision. Go through the essay, remove unnecessary points and add points you had forgotten to include. You should also edit the starting sentence and make it one that would capture the attention of the intended reader.

  1. Let someone read it out loud to you

After all these steps, you might be satisfied that the essay is perfect. However, getting a second opinion won’t hurt. Get a friend to read out the article to you and listen as he reads. Let him tell you what he thinks, and the corrections he thinks should be done

  1. Write the final copy

Once you have made the corrections, come up with the fine copy. If it is handwritten, ensure your writings are readable, and if you are typing it, then you should use the formal font size, 12 Times New Roman and double spacing unless of course there is specific formatting needed.

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