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Balancing Freedom and Responsibility in College

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Young people get excited about going to college, because of the freedom that comes with it. You get to make your own decisions for the first time in your life. You choose when you want to study, which classes you want to take, and many other choices.

However, it is easy for students to make decisions that will be detrimental to their future at this point. You will be making some decisions that affect the rest of your life at this point. You would not want to make the wrong decisions. Having a sense of responsibility is the first step towards ensuring that you do not misuse your new-found freedom. Below are a few ways through which you can find the delicate balance between Freedom and Responsibility.

Time Management

Time is your biggest resource as a college student. Using it productively will go a long way in making your current and future life wholesome. You can only make good use of your time if you can manage it properly.

Find out what your schedule looks like, and map out how you will use your time to accomplish all that you are supposed to. Mark out when you need to be studying on a calendar or your phone. Have your time management plant somewhere you can see it as regularly as possible. That will help you stick to the plan.

Seek Advice

Advice, mostly from elder people that you trust, is essential. It will help you make the best decisions in tough circumstances. Seeking your parent’s advice on various decisions always works. They obviously want the best for you, and they’ve probably been where you are.

Siblings, mentors, tutors, and friends can all offer valuable advice. You need to be able to explore the advice given though. Not all advice is good advice.

Don’t be Swayed

You need to be on top of things. Freedom means you are the driver of your life. Differentiate between being advised and being swayed. For instance, you should never do something, or make a choice that you don’t like or feel comfortable with, just because your friend said so.

Whether it’s the classes you choose, or it’s the ways in which you have fun, do what you find to best for you after exploring the various options. Take responsibility for your actions, so that you don’t suffer consequences for choices you never made.

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