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College Students and Mental Health

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Many people tend to get stressed by college life at some point. Loads of academic work, separation from loved ones, and personal responsibilities can weigh in heavily on a student’s life. Academic pressure is a major cause of stress for college students. The stress can cause mental health challenges if left unmitigated.

College students are surrounded by very unique circumstances. College students are generally young, and most would be facing adult-like situations for the first time. If they are not mature enough to handle certain circumstances, they might not be able to cope psychologically and emotionally.

For instance, a student might have to work and handle their personal finances for the first time. Meeting work demands, or being able to financially cater for themselves might feel daunting and stressful.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Many students tend to turn to substance abuse when they face mental health issues. Many would not even know they have a challenge. Having a mental health challenge does not necessarily mean turning into a psycho.

Substance abuse makes the conditions worse. Students need to know and understand the causes of mental health issues that are related to their college life, and the symptoms. Mental health challenges can have life-long effects if not treated immediately. The first step towards recovery is admitting that one needs help.

Many students remain oblivious even when the desperately need treatment. Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental health issues faced by college students. Phobias are also quite common. Post-traumatic Stress Disorders are also quite prevalent, but they are always tied to a specific occurrence or event.

Depression is arguably the mental health challenges faced by College students. All the causes of mental health issues mentioned can cause depression. Family and friends always have high expectations from you while you are studying in college. Students will be depressed if they cannot live to those expectations. Depression can turn fatal, if not checked and mitigated. Cases of students committing suicide are now new. Most of these students are always depressed for one reason or the other.

Being self-cognizant as a self-student is important. You need to be able to tell when your emotions or feelings are getting out of hand. Having someone to share your thoughts with and confide in will also go a long way in ensuring you do not develop mental health issues. Parents also need to be aware that mental health issues are always a risk facing college attending students.

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