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Are you tired of being buried in books and the lack of social life? Well, you are not alone in this. When you first join college, you feel that you have to make it in life and that the only way to do that is to spend every little time you have on your books. However, after a while, you realize there is more to success than just books, and you decide to get a social life. This can sometimes be difficult, especially for someone who has spent most of her time in books. You can use the following ways to help you get involved in college.

  1. Find and join groups of common interest as you

The first and easiest way through which you can get involved is by finding groups with which you share common interests. There are various clubs in college, from singing groups to debate clubs, sports teams and so on. Determining that thing that you are passionate about is number one factor in developing a healthy social life.

  1. Read notices and flyers

Another thing you have to do is to stay updated. Most events and clubs are advertised on notice boards. Though not a direct way of getting involved, it is a way that can help you get ideas of how and where to take part. Therefore, unless you pay attention to those places, you will not be able to know which clubs are available, which event is happening and what you got to offer to either or both.

  1. Volunteer

Besides having a positive impact on your resume, volunteering can also help you grow socially and establish in you the spirit of service and the feeling of being part of something special. Additionally, it can help you develop a wider and better perspective of life. Through volunteering, you can also get connected with potential employers and partners.

  1. Participate in student politics

By getting involved in politics, you will not only be killing just two but three birds with one stone. First, you will develop leadership skills. Secondly, you grow and develop socially and learn how to deal with different people in different circumstances. Thirdly, you get to add value to your resume; having leadership skills in your resume is a desirable aspect.

  1. Take part in contests and sports

Usually, there are numerous contests and challenges hosted in universities, like writing contests, swimming, bike riding contests among others. It is beneficial that you try to take part in at least one of them. This will not only ear you a social life, but it will also help you refresh your mind and have a clear mind when you get back to your books.

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