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Physical Activities Could Make You Smarter

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It seems that working out is not just good for overall health — new study indicates that this can also increase your brainpower.

The results of the research showed that the students who were present in group fitness classes at least once during the academic year showed a GPA which was higher by 0.18 compared to those who did not. Almost similar results was also seen from those who participated in intramural sports, where they had a cumulative GPA which is higher by 0.17 compared to those who never participated. Taking into account the total Ohio State population, 4.3% of the graduate students, 5.1% of the undergraduates, and 6.4% professional students participated in group fitness classes. For intramural sports, 1.5% of graduate students, 5.4% undergraduate students, and 4.0% of professional students participated.

The said study was conducted by the Student Life’s Center for the Study at Ohio State. Those who participated were from the 2013-2014 academic year.

With these promising results, it only goes to show that The Department of Recreational Sports of the institution with its mission to engage the university community to participate in physical and wellness activities is on the right track. Students will now have access to varied programs and services like group fitness, adventure trips, massage therapy, and adventure trips to name a few. Aside from these, students can enjoy indoor and outdoor facilities, no more reason not to engage in some sort of physical activity.

Other schools should also take the study seriously and follow the steps taken by the Ohio State University if they want their students to score better with their GPA. This will not only benefit the students but would also be a good way to increase their reputation. Furthermore, they could help the students live a healthier lifestyle.

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