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Surviving and Thriving With Online Classes

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Online classes can be very interesting and convenient. It comes with a lot of freedom, and you get to decide when to read, when to do your assignments and so on. However, it is the same freedom that can be its undoing. Most students get carried away with this freedom and end up having piles of assignment to submit. Others never realize they have assignments until it is three weeks overdue. You should, therefore, have your house in order, so that as you enjoy the free will, you also avoid problems with the instructors or even worse, the administration. Try going about your online classes using the following guidelines.

  1. Make a timetable

The first thing you should do about your online courses is to come up with a timetable. Note when you will be reading for the subject and when you will be doing the assignments. This timetable needs to be flexible since, just like the usual classes, online classes can also change, and when they do, you should be able to adjust.

  • Log in regularly

Online classes usually take so little of our time, and in some cases, it is only scheduled for ones in a week or two. This does not mean you should also log in only ones a week. Form a tendency of checking for updates as often possible. This is because, just as mentioned above, online classes are also subjected to change. Besides, regular log in will help you to not forget about the assignments

  • Avoid procrastination

Procrastination is a number one hindrance to success. It is even worse with online classes since you do not have someone to remind you until it is too late. If you can do some reading or assignments at a particular time, then do it. Leaving the assignments or notes to pile up is the last thing you would want to do because the bulkier they become, the more difficult they will be to read or do.

  • Occasionally contact your instructor

Normally in online classes, the student and the instructor rarely or never meet in person. This does not mean you cannot contact him/her, and technology has seen to that. Whenever you have a question, do not be afraid to reach contact the instructor, and ask for assistance. Though a few instructors may not like that, others are quite helpful, and furthermore, there is only one way to find out.

  • Keep in touch with your classmates

Sometimes people get deceived that with online classes, it is everyone for himself. However, this has never worked in other areas, and it certainly does not work with online classes. Keeping in touch with classmates will keep you up to date with changes or notifications that you may not have noticed.

While online classes come with freedom, if you do not become focused and organized, you might find yourself redoing a whole unit or getting discontinued.

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