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Incredible Black-Owned Jewelry Brands of 2020

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Black lives matter. Period.

If you’re a jewelry person just like your college mates then this is a great time to check out some of the incredible black-owned jewelry brands of 2020. From dainty ones to statement pieces, the right piece of jewelry can add character to your look.

However, the recent developments regarding the Black Community has gotten us into a situation wherein we have to show support to the cause. Thus, we would also like to give the respect and recognition deserved by Black designers. Yes, you need to stack up some incredible jewelry from Black-owned jewelry brands.

Thus, it’s your time to realize and live up to the spirit by wearing jewelry from the Black-owned brands.  Here’s a list of some uber-cool jewelry designed exclusively by the Black-owned jewelry brands:

  • Zoe Ring by Swanky Designs

As per the designer’s description, each piece is a wearable art and unique in design. All the pieces are handmade to fit your chosen ring size and you can even choose to get custom color as per your requirements. You can always go with the awesome Lapis Lazuli where the store is the gorgeous representation of celestial energy and nobility.

Pair the Zoe Ring with a casual and bright long dress with bold print to turn heads on the road. Wearing the chunky low heels gives the best feminine touch you can ever imagine.

  • Warrior Bracelet by Chinero Nnamani

Chinero Nnamani is a renowned accessory design and this statement cuff perfectly showcases the African influence on all her designs. The gold and brass plated cuff can be paired with almost all types of dresses and every occasion you can ever imagine. You can choose your laid back casuals or the dressy ensembles as the Warrior Bracelet will fit in nicely with every dress in your wardrobe.

  • Pearl Bar Necklace by Yam

The minimalistic design approach will win over even the staunchest fan of junk jewelry because the subtle yet unique Pear Bar Necklace is an incredible example of classy design. Get this pearl-filled design for the perfect feminine vibe!

  • Carmen Earrings by Jam + Rico

This Cuba inspired chic pair features gorgeous Cowrie shell posts and is made from 14carat gold-plated brass. The silk tassel details are available in custom colors like green, blue or red. Bold yet delicate design of this earring will blow you out of your senses and you’ll be compelled to grab them every time you want a touch of class to your look.

  • Darya Earrings by BFYNE

These gold earrings scream luxe and will surely help you make the style statement that you always wanted to. A great addition to your everyday as well as special-occasion looks, you will thank the designer for the intricate design.

It’s time that you stop giving lip service and go a step further to ensure that every Black-owned enterprise gets its due. Endorsing these Black-owned jewelry brands will go a long way in showing your intention towards the cause of equality and liberty.

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