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Incredible Outfit Ideas for the First Day of College

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Going to the college for the first time can be both exciting and terrifying as you never know how things will turn out on your first day. Wearing a comfortable yet fashionable outfit on your first day at can actually boost your confidence and calm your nerves.

Choosing a decent outfit for the first day at college isn’t as challenging as you think. You need something that suits your personality while helping you move around comfortably. However, a few things that you must avoid include heels, leggings, school tee, etc. as they simply mark you as a freshman. Choose something that is cute yet comfortable as you will be attending classes and not going for a hike!

Let’s make life easier for you by presenting you with a list of fabulous outfits that are stylish to the last thread and super comfortable.

Dressed-Down Button-Up

Button-downs are downright sexy but you must have the confidence to carry it around with ease. Give away the streetwear vibes by pairing it with jeans and comfortable sneakers.

Mod Plaid

The plaid sweater/mini crop is both comfortable and easy to carry around. If you’ve any doubt about your outfit, just check the Instagram account of Emma Chamberlin for some inspiration.

90s Staples

If you’re confused about your dress then just check in the trends during the 1990s. Choose a chunky cardigan and pair that with a retro trousers and a cami for a super-cool look.

Puffy Sleeves

Big sleeves are still in vogue because this year they’re going to return with a bigger bang. Just take some time to get a white top with a bigger sleeve and believe me, you’ll hear all the compliments flying in, thick and fast.

Blazer and Jeans

If you don’t want to deliberate any longer on your first outfit to college, better to put on a blazer with  comfortable jeans – ready to attend the next lecture without breaking a sweat!

Sexy Denim

Dinner dates, frat parties, serious lectures – get a simple denim to go anywhere you want as it’s the perfect piece to put you anywhere while maintain a low profile.

Matching sweats

If you’re already late on the first and haven’t quite decided on your outfit but still want to look fab then go for a matching sweatsuit. Get a top knot and pair the same with XL hoops for a fine finishing touch.

Statement Details

First day in college is all about making a statement – you’re cute and have a fine fashion sense. Get some really cool fashion accessories to pair them with your favorite pieces. Get a pair of sparkly earrings, printed bag, and the good old jeans to make a statement without screaming you’re cute.

Funky Denim

On your first day of college, you just need a denim to pair it with your fanny and you’re all  set for the kill.

Statement Belt

Have a simple outfit? Well, then why not pair it with a statement belt and transform into the fashion diva that everyone would love to talk to.

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